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  1. In the Spotlight with Romy Designs

    In the Spotlight with Romy Designs
    Well we had a sizzling June and then along came July with pretty much more of the same. We did have a very welcome downpour here last weekend but apart from that, it’s fair to say that we have all been rather hot and bothered. I sound typically British focusing on the weather, but I do find that wherever you...
  2. 47Things Goes Pop

    47Things Goes Pop
    Wow what a June we have had, the weather has been amazing! I hope you have all managed to take a little time out to replenish your Vitamin D stores and have made the most of this fabulous sunshine? Everyone is so busy these days that sometimes we overlook the importance of taking five minutes out to just be in...
  3. A Taste Of Summer

    A Taste Of Summer
    The month of May has offered us a taste of Summer with its warm sunny days and pleasant evenings. I always feel so much better for seeing those blue skies but with them comes the endless list of gardening chores which never seems to get any shorter! The garden here is always evolving, and May’s project has been to create...
  4. Bottles & Blankets

    Bottles & Blankets
    I am writing this month's blog from my new office which happens to be in the garden.  The birds are still in full voice despite the evening drawing in, I only wish I had the ability to recognise their individual song.  I do realise I am very lucky to live in the countryside and be surrounded by nature and all...
  5. The Art of Connecting

    The Art of Connecting
    Today is the day that 47Things goes live.  If you are reading this then that means we have lift-off! It has been rather frantic pulling everything together and making sure that all the systems work, and it is quite unbelievable how much work goes on in the background in terms of the technology, but we have had a great team...
  6. The Birds And The Bees

    The Birds And The Bees
    February has been another busy month for 47Things.  We have been sourcing new products which we hope you will love as much as we do. It can be a few weeks from order to delivery, so it's always rather exciting when stock starts arriving.  The only downside for me is knowing that I can't keep it all for myself as...
  7. Welcome to 47Things.

    Welcome to 47Things.
    Hello and welcome to 47Things’ first blog, and actually my very first blog ever! I thought I would start at the very beginning as according to Julie Andrews, it’s a very good place to start. Sadly I may have just lost anyone under the age of 47 reading this, but hang on in there as things can only get better...

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