Wow what a June we have had, the weather has been amazing! I hope you have all managed to take a little time out to replenish your Vitamin D stores and have made the most of this fabulous sunshine?

Everyone is so busy these days that sometimes we overlook the importance of taking five minutes out to just be in the moment. So much of life passes us by now that we are distracted by the various screens that are part of our everyday lives. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be without my mobile phone and of course, my business wouldn’t function without the internet and social media, but I do sometimes feel overwhelmed by technology especially when I can’t get it to work!!

My escape from the tech world is getting out in the garden, and in this weather, most of my time is spent trying to keep things alive. Three weeks ago, my neighbour called round to ask if I would water their garden while they were away on holiday, I jumped at the chance because they have a fabulous vegetable garden, or rather ‘they did have’…. I’m joking, I have watered it every day and am just keeping everything crossed that we have no casualties before they return this weekend!

But back to our busy non-gardening June. We did our first pop-up event at the beginning of the month and we absolutely loved it. I enlisted the help of Mr. 47Things and his fine motor vehicle and my two daughters with their knowledge of retail and all things electronic. We had a really busy day and it was great to meet customers and get their positive feedback on our products. We will definitely be doing it again nearer to Christmas so if you are in the Shrewsbury area keep an eye out on social media for dates. We would love to meet you.

One of our best sellers from the day were our range of soaps from soapfolk These soaps are made in Gloucestershire and are handcrafted by artisans in small batches using traditional techniques. They have been certified organic by the soil association which means that Soap Folk ensure that all aspects of their business are sustainably sound and plastic free. The soaps smell amazing and leave your skin feeling soft and nourished, they don’t contain palm oil or any synthetic ingredients and won’t clog up your plumbing with nasty additives. The bars have the prettiest recyclable wrapping and the fragrances are inspired by nature. Why not head over now to bath-body-soap and treat yourselves, you won’t be disappointed.

6 bars of soap on a shelf

Next month I am really looking forward to introducing you to one of our new suppliers Alison is a graphic designer and handcrafter and she has made some beautiful products for us. You can see some of her work online as she created our pressed foliage glass frames pink-flower-bud-triangle-glass-frame and we will soon be adding to her range online and introducing her bags, purses and prints.

So, until next month, enjoy this amazing weather while it lasts. Mr. 47Things and I plus Bertie the Labrador are off cruising the Norfolk Broads for a week at the beginning of July. I did consider acquiring a captain’s hat for him to wear (husband not dog) although Bertie would carry the look off rather well I think!