Well we had a sizzling June and then along came July with pretty much more of the same. We did have a very welcome downpour here last weekend but apart from that, it’s fair to say that we have all been rather hot and bothered. I sound typically British focusing on the weather, but I do find that wherever you are and whoever you meet it’s always easy to break the ice with a comment or two about the weather. Anyway, enough weather chat, let me fill you in on what else has been happening in July.

After returning from our sailing jaunt on the Norfolk Broads it was all hands-on-deck (no pun intended) to get our lovely stock together to take to our second pop-up event. These events are so important as they help to get our brand recognised and it is our opportunity to meet customers old and new. We were so excited to be able to showcase lots of our ranges and it was another opportunity for us to introduce our stock from Romydesign.

Alison who is the founder of Romy Design is a freelance graphic designer but also handcrafts unique beautiful products in glass, leather, wool and textiles. We met up with Alison at her store in the Market Hall in Shrewsbury back in May, to say it was easy to choose what to stock from Romy Design would be a lie as we loved everything, but eventually we decided to stock her super soft leather bags and purses which have the most fabulous contrasting cotton linings, check out our range of  leather clutch bags here, we also thought that Alison’s handcrafted pressed flower glass frames worked really well with our existing lines and they have been really popular at our pop-up events as well as online.

Romy Design prints

We love Alison’s unique designs and because her products are handcrafted, no two are exactly the same so our customers are getting a one-off creation. We will be introducing some of Alison’s prints in the Autumn so keep an eye out for them online, you won’t be disappointed. Here's a sneak preview.

The next few months will involve attending the large trade shows in London and Birmingham, sourcing new products for the store is always exciting but the days are long and exhausting. We are also meeting with another very talented local handcrafter, but I can’t say too much about that at the moment so make sure you are following us closely on social media - instagram for updates!

I heard on the radio today that the heatwave is set to return for August so more opportunity for weather chat and to stock up on Factor 50…I long to sport the sun-kissed look but my wonderful Celtic genes has other ideas so I am never too far away from the shade!